About Us

Diversity Music Community 1st was founded in 2017 as a CIC company that specialises in creative music workshops. We design and deliver bespoke video media, photography, dance, creative writing, and digital graphic design. Music and the creative arts can be an alternative tool for emotional expression which can relieve social isolation by building group connections, help individuals to learn an emotional vocabulary without the use of words and develop mental health wellbeing by stimulating positive memories and elevating their mood. Schools, charities and community organisations use our bespoke services to improve the quality of the relationships within social groups, working to reduce antisocial behaviour and team building.

We have forged strategic partnerships across the Midlands, collaborating with educators, experienced musicians, social workers and the Criminal Justice System. Our core team are experts in engagement processes enabling us to lead and teach a wide genre of music and artistic mediums.

When working with our clients, we use music and other art mediums, to address social, educational and emotional challenges. While creating pieces of work that explore these experiences, we encourage participants to use a reflective approach through critical thinking. Additionally, we create environments for participants to be actively involved in shaping their learning to gain a sense of ownership, and the confidence and courage to progress their lives.

What we do?

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