Diversity Music as Community Champions in action!

Diversity Music Community In partnership WV Community Champions

Diversity Music has been working in partnership with the City of Wolverhampton Council as WV Community Champions­ in response to the current pandemic. We conducted interviews with those who have taken the COVID vaccine within Wolverhampton, and used their responses to inform and encourage others, who have not been vaccinated, to respond to the invitation for the COVID-19 vaccine.

Diversity Music volunteers created videos from the interviews and information they had gathered. Over the course of a few weeks the volunteers worked as a team to ensure the videos were authentic and creative. The volunteers each provided creative input, working together to edit, enhance and finalise the videos for release to the public.

The videos were approved by the City of Wolverhampton Council and will be available for viewing on our website. These videos were created to help us encourage and safeguard our community. We are delighted to have worked as WV Champions with the City of Wolverhampton Council to help get this important message out there to the community.


My personal experience of working with Diversity Music as a WV Community Champion. It was great. I brushed up on my interviewing skills. I learned how to use certain applications on the iPad. I created a video and I am proud of it. And that video will now be shown on the Diversity Music website. I am happy that I have contributed to my local community by becoming a WV Community Champion, specifically with the Diversity Music organisation. I would like to express my gratitude to the Diversity Music team for allowing me to volunteer with them on this project



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